Wednesday, February 4, 2015

ARC Book review: Gilt by Association (Caprice De Luca Mystery #3) by Karen Rose Smith

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Caprice De Luca's latest house staging is all about hearts, flowers, lace and chintz since Valentine's Day is around the corner. She never expects her client to be murdered in the greenhouse the day of the open house.
With her six-month-old cocker spaniel pup Lady by her side and her own love life in disarray, Caprice ferrets out clues from the victim's best friend, Caprice's mother, the housekeeper and a special male friend who insists his relationship with the victim was platonic. However, as Caprice digs deeper, she finds the victim's past is filled with secrets that she kept from her husband for thirty years.
The past isn't merely history. The present isn't always what it seems. When hearts are involved, passion and even murder aren't far behind.

I have never read a Karen Rose Smith book until now. I have a few on my kindle but never got around to reading them yet so this is my breaking in book. It's the third in a series and i didn't realize that at first either but was not especially a problem. Certain things are eluded to in the book that make you realize this cannot be the first book. Caprice De Luca is a person who stages houses to help sell them. Unique in how she dresses and in her business she is a strong woman who can take care of herself but is confused by men. Hurt before, she is leary and lacks trust. You can't blame her. Now she is juggling two men neither of which is doing what she thinks they would be if they were truly interested. In between all that she finds herself involved in solving another murder when her mother's best friend is found murdered right before her open house.  I wasn't sure how much i would enjoy this book because it's not my usual read but i do like to mix it up and often when i do i get a nice surprise.  I love the De Luca family. They are kind of big and boisterous and aren't perfect by any means but they do have family loyalty and love for each other. Caprice doesn't doubt her abilities in area except men and her love life but she is slowly making her way through that as well. This is a great series and while you can enjoy any book on it's own i would go back and grab book one and read on for the full effect.

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