Monday, February 2, 2015

ARC book review: Direct Deposit by Marilyn Baxter

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She wanted to make a withdrawal from a sperm bank. He would give all he has to make a direct deposit. 


Family law attorney Maddie Prescott is driven to succeed. A pawn in her parents’ messy divorce, she devoted her career to representing children in court, and when her husband’s early death makes it seem like she can’t have it all, she’s ready to beat the odds by going to a sperm bank. One advantage to single parenthood is that her child will never be a pawn. That, and she’ll never have to deal with sarcastic ladies’ men or liars. 

Jack Worth promised to look out for his dying best friend’s wife: a small repayment for someone who once helped an irredeemable bad boy find the path to happiness. So, while Maddie Prescott’s baby plans are questionable, duty and loyalty prompt Jack first to volunteer as the sperm donor...and then to propose a marriage of convenience. And the more he gets to know her, the more this onetime player will see that Maddie is the woman of his dreams, and that the child they will make deserves to be from a direct deposit.

This is my first Marilyn Baxter book and it's a quick evening or weekend read if you are looking to curl up and get lost in a good book. Maddie Prescott is a successful lawyer and helping children has been her passion. That's what she does now, represents children in court. It's also helps her get by and deal the best she can with the loss of her husband. Jack Worth had a messed up childhood, a dad he never knew and a mom who was only there in body but not for him. One night after a particularly bad argument with her he got drunk and tore up a building under construction only to be caught by the builder.  That builder would eventually become his best friend and business partner and was Maddie's husband Alex. A year after Alex's death Maddie wants to have a baby and Jack made a promise to take care of Maddie so he offers to help. Little do they know what's in store for them when they start a journey into parenthood. I liked this story so much because both Maddie and Alex are tormented by things from their childhood. You can tell how much Alex loved both Maddie and Jack by the things that he said to them before passing and you feel a sadness to lose such a great man. Jack steps up to take care of Maddie and in the meantime falls in love and feels himself changing. Maddie is tore up with her attraction to Jack mixed in with some guilt. I don't want to paint this as a sad story although in places it is but as a story of hope and love. I found myself anticipating in the final pages there would be a epilogue and happily there is. I needed to get that little bit of the future to feel i got the whole story. I think you will enjoy that too. 

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