Wednesday, October 29, 2014

ARC Book review: A Match Made in Mystery (A Matchmaker Mystery #2) by J.B. Lynn

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Attorney Brady Stewart knows he’s in for a wild ride when psychic matchmaker Armani Vasquez tasks him with finding a Purple People Eater. 

His life becomes even more complicated when he meets Amy Winn, a woman crazy enough to take on a would-be mugger, and desperate enough to come looking for a mysterious inheritance. 

As Brady and Amy attempt to unravel the mystery behind the puzzling legacy, they can’t deny their mutual attraction despite the fact they live in different worlds. 

Difficult choices put their budding romance at risk as they juggle Amy’s desire to unlock the secrets of a father she never knew and Brady’s need to tread carefully in order to protect his career. 

Can they solve a mystery twenty  years in the making? Or will doing so ruin any chance at a future together? 

Brady Stewart doesn't know what to think when Armani Vasquez  tells him to find a Purple People Eater. What? Yes a Purple People Eater. Color him surprised when the opportunity comes up to ask such a question and someone actually knows what it is. Amy Winn not only knows what a Purple People Eater is she is also a good Samaritan when she saves a lady being mugged while standing in the rain trying to talk herself into going into a law office. Two things, she received a paper that might lead her either to her dad that she's never known and/or a possible inheritance and, the lady she saved is a big deal with the law firm. Said lady asks Brady to take care of her but that's not a problem for him. This as always is a fast moving exciting story. Whenever i pick up a JB Lynn book i know i am going to entertained. I'm going to be drawn into the story in the first chapter. Sometimes the first few sentences. The characters are always interesting and the story intriguing and a little different. I never know where she's going with the story. Sometimes i can't even venture a guess to the ending.I might even laugh a little ... or a lot. You might get the ending to  to the main story line but if it's a series like this one she just might just lay the ground work to  hook you into the next book too. I can't wait to find out who Armani might be helping find a love connection next!

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