Monday, October 27, 2014

ARC Book review: Dr. Daddy's Perfect Christmas by Jules Bennett

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Mistletoe Baby

Pregnant and widowed. It wasn't quite how Nora Parker had planned to be ringing in the holidays this year. Though she was excited to meet her new baby, the last thing she'd expected was the return of Dr. Eli St. John the man who'd broken her heart years ago. Now he was back, filling in at his father's practice. He definitely wouldn't be staying in town. And she definitely shouldn't be looking forward to seeing him again!

Eli had left his small town for bigger adventures, assuming Nora would always be waiting. Now she was his best friend's widow, expecting a baby Eli wished was theirs. With the holidays approaching and his time in town dwindling, did he dare make one last effort to claim the Christmas gift he should have accepted years ago?

I wasn't really in the mood to read a Christmas related story when i started reading this book. I could only hope that i would get into it really quickly and sink into that holiday feeling we all hope for when it's that time of the year. Believe it or not that actually did happen. Eli St. John had to leave home and find his place in the world. He left behind his first love Nora Parker thinking that if it was meant to be she would be there for him when he came back. Unfortunately when he finally got the pull toward home his best friend and Nora were dating. He couldn't interfere if Nora was happy and he didn't want to hurt his best friend either. Finally forced back to care for his ailing father he's confronted with seeing Nora after barely making it through the door his first day back. This was complicated by the fact that his friend and Nora's husband was now dead. This book gave me one of those Harlequin TV movie vibes. Both Eli and Nora fight their feelings at first but it's a losing battle for both. When it looks like things are going well and they are really connecting secrets come out that ruin everything. This was a romance filled and happy story in places and gut wrenching and tearful in places as well. It really had it all and i really connected with the characters. A great way to spend a evening of reading.

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