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ARC Book review: Struggling For Justice (Bantorus MC #6) by Debra Kayn

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Natalie Oman's husband murdered his brother before committing suicide, leaving her a widow and struggling for her share of Meghoni Mine. She spends her time avoiding her remaining brother in law and his irrational agenda that someone else murdered both Oman brothers. Finally free from the threats and loneliness that came from her marriage, she's determined to find a place to teach her self-defense classes and move on with her life. The last thing she expects is a sexy biker to validate her dreams and work his way into her heart.

As the Vice President and the oldest member of the Bantorus MC, Federal Charter, Remmy Hollis lives life hard, wild, and free. Summertime means territory wars, beautiful women, trips back to Pitnam, and chaos. Until one rational decision changes the course of Remmy's life. The dangerous web of cover-ups surrounding Los Li—the Mexican mafia, puts a target on Natalie's back. Remmy will bury the secrets and take out anyone who tries to hurt the woman warming his back, even though Natalie's the one lady who deserves to know the truth.

—Each Bantorus MC book features a new couple with their own happily ever after—

This book picks up almost a year after Fighting to Ride book 5 in this series. Natalie Oman's husband was one of two brothers murdered by Los Li, the Mexican mafia. The three Oman brothers own Meghoni Mine. The mine is what sustains the town with jobs. To the public it looks like Natalie's husband killed one of his other brothers then killed himself. Natalie has knowledge no one else does about her husband and thinks that there was a good possibility that's what happened. The remaining Oman brother says no way and wants Natalie to help open a new investigation into the two other Oman brother's deaths. He can't believe it was murder/suicide.  Remmy Hollis is the oldest of the Bantourus guys in Federal MC. He's always gone his own way and enjoyed being single. Remmy comes to Natalie's rescue when he sees a man harassing her in a parking lot. He puts her on his bike and for guys in the MC that place is reserved for a woman for one of two reasons. Either she's in trouble or she's his wife. Natalie certainly qualifies for the first one. As Remmy finds out more about Natalie and her situation he feels guilt and he is attracted more and more to her. He knows that Los Li is responsible for her husband's death but no one can know that. It has to remain a secret because if it doesn't Los Li will definitely be back. Unfortunately Natalie's brother in law won't let it go. This is just one more exciting chapter into Debra Kayn's Bantourus MC series. The series keeps expanding to include a new generation and they are proving to be just as good as the original crew which luckily still pops up in these newer books. Remmy has to struggle with what's right and wrong and with his heart. He never thought he's find someone to love but even though he and Natalie seem like opposites they still seem to fit together quite nicely. Natalie has no idea how a Motorcycle club works but for Remmy she's willing to learn. It's fun to watch the two interact and deal with their attraction and the real danger Los Li presents. The secondary characters take turns stepping into the spotlight as well and give you a glimpse into future situations. Another great addition to the Bantourus MC series.

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