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Book review: Nearly Departed (Spring Cleaning Mysteries)book 1 by J.B. Lynn

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Victoria Spring hates her job. The last career a reluctant medium should pursue is crime scene clean up; it would have been nice to know she could talk to ghosts before taking the job.

As the co-founder of SPRING CLEANING, most of the hard work should be covered by her business partner & brother, Jerry. And it was...until he was shipped off to Afghanistan and declared missing in action over two years ago. Determined not to disappoint her parents, Vicky keeps the business afloat "just until Jerry gets back." But when she agrees to clean up the murder-suicide of three college students, she knows she'll need help. Ex-cop Smoke Barclay is more than a little mysterious, but he has great references, passed the puke test, and has a decent hand shake, so he's hired. Smoke's help should make this job a breeze, but when the ghosts of the three victims show up at the scene claiming all three were murdered by someone still on the loose; Vicky knows nothing about this job is going to be easy.

Helping the ghosts move on means finding out what really happened to happened to them...even if it means Vicky may be the next victim.

Nearly Departed is the first in the new Spring Cleaning Mysteries series by JB Lynn. This is the kind of book that draws you through from  page one and leaves you wishing for more at the end. I love and hate when that  happens. I love it because the story is obviously good and JB does not disappoint.Hate it because i have to wait for more. Vicky  is the lead in this series and she's as complicated as they come. She's working her missing military brother's business  for him not that she wants to but that she feels obligated to for him and for her parents who still hold out hope he's alive. The business  is cleaning up after crime scenes. Not fun and potentially dangerous too. She's got some interesting friends several who are ghosts that she can talk to and several live friends including her brothers gorgeous lawyer friend who sets her up with Smoke Barclay and no that's not his real name but we don't get to find out what it is yet in this book. Smoke is a hot cop who just got kicked off the force but why? Have to read and try to figure that out.  Everyone's keeping secrets and while a few are found out you have to have a few for later right?  There's a mystery to be solved in this book and Vicky is bound and determined to solve it if she doesn't get  herself killed first. I don't want you to think this book is all gore or anything as it's more funny and romantic than that. If you have read JB Lynn's Hitwoman series you'll  love this!! I'm ready for book two now!

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