Thursday, December 12, 2013

Book review: Bitten by Treachery (Hadley Werewolves #2) by Shawntelle Madison

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It's not like Charly the witch wanted to betray the Hadley werewolves. Or infiltrate the pack. But it's the only way to save her mother and protect her coven from a dark evil. She's a witch in wolf's clothing - until an unfortunate bite forces her to become the one thing she detests the most.

The last time a witch came to Hadley, she almost destroyed Trenton's pack. He won't let it happen again, especially now that this lone wolf is feeling so drawn to a certain new new girl in town. Charly is the most intriguing woman he's ever met, and he wants to know all about her.

The passion between Charly and Trenton shocks them both, but can she trust him with her secret...and her heart? One thing is for certain: she has to tell him the truth soon - before it brings about the end of both Trenton and the innocent citizens of Hadley.

Bitten by Treachery is the continuation of the Hadley werewolves series. This is a quick read at only 83 pages so if you want to just have a quick evening of reading and like paranormal romance this would be a good choice for you. Charly is a witch and witches are now hated enemies of werewolves in Hadley after Charly's aunt infected the last alpha male in Hadley and he and a bunch of others went on a killing spree. Her coven wants to control the werewolves so they can make them protect a wooden box that contains a demon that can take over anyone who gets close. In order to do that they get a werewolf to bite her and turn her into one so she can infiltrate Hadley and get them to do what they want. It doesn't go according to plan than though. There is love, betrayal and killers on the loose in this quick paced novella. It will get you one step father in the Hadley werewolves series . Hunky Trenton the cop and former rogue werewolf takes to Charly and she finally finds what she needs in him. Ends in a bit of a cliffhanger so you can see what's in store for you in the next book in this series. 

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