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Book review: A Simple Twist of Fate (Hanover Brothers #2) by HelenKay Dimon

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Available July 16th 2013
The Hanover brothers are doing their best to live down the legacy of their con artist father…but they still have a knack for getting in trouble where romance is concerned.

As the lawyer of the family, Beckett Hanover ought to be sorting through the many claims filed against their family estate—which the brothers have recently inherited from their grandmother. But something about the housekeeper, Sophie, keeps stealing his focus…

Little does he know, as he flirts, what else she intends to steal. The truth is Sophie took the job with one purpose in mind: to help her aunt. But she never expected to find a man like Beck or get sidetracked by the handsome hottie's sweet talk and broad shoulders. Between her secret and Beck’s past, the two are headed for one risky romance.

I'm going to start by saying i missed book 1 of this series. I remember reading the blurb and liking it but somehow i did not read it. If you want to follow this you really need to start with book 1. You can guess at a lot but it's not quite enough. Was in not enjoyable? It was awesome. Made me really mad at myself for missing book one though. Definitely need to go back and read that so i can understand this one more and how it all ties in with the next book. The Hanover brothers are pretty well hated by the town they now live in. They came back to fix up and sell the house their grandmother left them but ended up staying. In this book Beckett the baby of the brothers gets most of the story although there are surprises for other characters as well. Beckett's the lawyer of the family and is constantly trying to sort through piles of paper work to sort through the mess of lawsuits etc from the fall out of their dads schemes.  Beckett's grandmothers former housekeeper Sophie is not much of a housekeeper and the brothers suspect somethings up with her and the way she seems to lurk around and the way she doesn't really clean. Beckett's attracted to her though and tries to get past her walls to find out what's going on with her.  Sophie's got a pretty big secret though. She's not really there to clean. She's there to find something that was stolen from her aunt by Beckett's dad. She had a rough upbringing with a aunt and uncle who were forced to take her in when her parents were killed when she was only 5. She's never really known love and feels she needs to help her aunt out for all she's done for her. Even if it means sneaking round and lying to Beckett and his brothers.  Since Beckett's dad was a big time swindler who lied and stole his way through life Beckett has some huge trust issues and lying and secrets are a big deal to him.  I really enjoyed this book even now knowing what happened in book one. Lots of drama but plenty of laughs thrown in for good measure. The brothers are learning to trust each other and be there for each other and act as a family. There is one mystery after another and when one seems to finally comes to light another one pops up. At the end your left with a bit of a cliff hanger and a few questions you want answered. Guess you have to read the next book though to find out what happens next. Well worth reading the each book to find out how it ends. Look forward to book three. 4 out of 5 stars for A Simple Twist of Fate by HelenKay Dimon.

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