Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Audiobook review: Leaping Hearts by Jessica Bird, Kate Rudd (Narrator), J.R. Ward

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Everyone thinks A. J. Sutherland is crazy to buy a rogue stallion that no rider or trainer has been able to tame. But if anybody has the hustle to make something out of that hell-raiser, it's A. J. She can't do it alone, however, so she goes after the great Devlin McCloud, an equestrian legend with a bad leg ? and a worse attitude. Devlin recognizes a fighter when he sees one ? and that horse isn't a wallflower, either. Before he knows it, he's got a wild stallion in his empty stable and a hotheaded, heavenly-bodied rider sleeping on his couch. But can he get all three of them through the championship in one piece? This passion he's found with his rider is compromising training ? and at this level of competition, any distraction is not just unprofessional but downright deadly.

This my first book as JR ward writing as Jessica Bird. AJ Sutherland buys a very expensive and wild and untamed stallion to train. He's got a bad reputation and is extremely hard to handle and possibly dangerous. Her father owns Sutherland stables and until she buys the stallion it was run by her and her step brother. Her step brother is not a horseman doesn't enjoy the job but does well with the financial side. Problem is he's bossy and hateful to A.J. He tries to block her from buying the stallion but it doesn't work  so then he forbids her to bring it to their stables and her father backs him up and makes him the controlling person running the stables. So there she is with her heart broken by her family with no place to take her expensive stallion and no place to live. In comes Devlin MCloud. He's a champion rider who was injured around a year before when his beloved stallion took a fall seriously injuring him and ending his career. Breaking his spirit when he can't ride anymore he  is also forced to put the stallion down. Both he and A.J. have battered hearts and spirits just like the new stallion. She gets him to take her on and train her and the horse but when things heat up between the two of them things get complicated. Secrets are kept and feelings get twisted. This was an enjoyable audiobook. The voice work was good and believable. Which is you listen to audiobooks makes a world of difference in how you much you like the story.  I enjoyed the relationship between the main two characters and some of the secondary characters drove me a little nuts but were enjoyable as well.  4 out of 5 stars for Leaping Hearts by Jessica Bird.

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