Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Book review: Craving Her Soldier’s Touch (Beyond the Spotlight #1) by Wendy S Marcus

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Available Dec, 31st 2012 
She swore she'd never give in to him…

Feisty nurse Jaci Piermont's heart was crushed when Staff Sergeant Ian Eddelton walked away from their passionate night together. But letting him know? Not an option! This reluctant socialite would much rather channel her energies into helping the vulnerable women she works with.

Now Ian's back—as gorgeous as ever, but with dark secrets in his eyes. Her head might be screaming "keep away," but Jaci's rebellious heart has a very different idea…!

This is my first Wendy S Marcus book and i believe my first medical romance.  I read the blurb for this and the first chapter and was interested and decided it was time to try a couple new things. I am happy to say it was a good choice!  This is the first of 2 in this series and is about a set of identical twin sisters who are as different as night and day. First up is Jaci. Both sisters need to marry in a few months time or give up a 25 million dollar trust fund. It's not that they're worried about getting the money for themselves but instead the good they can do with that much money. Both twins are nurses so they can make their way in the world working and do. Jaci is a traveling home health nurse and also runs a center for abused women. Ian is a soldier and friend of Jaci's and although there is attraction she's always held him off til now. After one night of passion though Ian runs off earlier that he was supposed to as he was going back to Iraq. Ian was career Army until a terrible injury and the death of his friends takes him out of the military for good. Now he's back and finds out that he doesn't know Jaci as well as he thought. She's not just a rich girl living a pampered life. Now Ian has a few secrets of his own as well. I really enjoyed this book. There was a little of everything in this book. The medical aspect is there as Ian is dealing with a injury and PTSD and Jaci is dealing with abuse of herself and her mother. Then there is drama, romance and some humor thrown in as well. I love when a book has just the right mix of elements to make a great read. You also get a little of the players for book 2 in Justin ( Ian and Jaci's friend) and Jena who is Jaci's twin. All over Craving her Soldiers Touch is a well rounded book.  It's one of those books that you are drawn through with a sense of enjoyment. The only turn off for me is there is one part and i believe it was just a paragraph of medical jargon that was over my head. As that wasn't the reason i was reading the book anyway it didn't bother me much.  I would encourage anyone who wants to try a medical romance, but hasn't yet to try Wendy S Marcus and this series.  After reading this one i immediately got my hands on book 2 and read it as well.  4 out fo 5 stars for Craving her Soldiers Touch by Wendy S Marcus.

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