Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Book review: Beneath the Secrets part 2 (Tall, Dark and Deadly series) (serial) by Lisa Renee Jones

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Vengeance is all Blake Walker has lived for....until he met her. She will bring him to his knees but will it be in passion or pain? 

Two paths collide.

Two people who will do anything, including sleeping with the enemy, to avenge or save someone they love. But what if everything isn't as it seems and the enemy isn't the enemy at all? Can these two broken people drawn together by their sizzling hot attraction see beyond their pain and their need for vengeance and find the trust they will need to survive a vicious drug lord's wrath before it's too late?
Part 2 Feb 28th
Part 3 April 30th
Part 4 May 31st

This is the last book is the Tall, Dark and Deadly series. The previous book came out as separate books but book 3 is being broken up into parts like a serial. I'm not a fan of this and would rather read it as a whole book but non the less I am still reading this. I have read the other books and part 1 so i want to finish it but also i have loved this series. One of my favorite series by this author.  Part 2 gives you another small piece of the story and takes about 45 minutes to read. Blake is trying to decide if Kara is the enemy or someone he needs to help and protect. Kara has some big secrets and she's not telling. Not the Blake isn't giving it his all to find out. Kara has  the same problem as Blake though. She's trying to decide if Blake is a bad guy or a good guy. By the end of this part of the serial though the gig appears to be up for Kara. You'll have to wait til part 3 to find out though. The writing is awesome. I love the characters but i don't like it broken down into parts. You barely get started and it's over. If i rate it based on the writing i could give it 5 out of 5 stars, but if i rate it based on the amount i get to read for each part I would have to lower it. To what i'm not sure. It's frustrating. Do you like serials? If yes how long do you think each part should be? I don't mine them but i think it should be long enough to get somewhere and should be a serial from the beginning and that is my problem here. I'll still read the next two parts though of course. lol

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  1. Oh man... I'd so much love it better if I could read it in 1 seating. I love this series too. I shall wait and read it later then.