Thursday, August 5, 2010

Review: A Date with the Other Side by author Erin McCarthy

A Date with the Other Side is not a new book. It came out in the year 2005.  I came upon this book after reading another of Erin's books and decided to peruse her back list. Then i found the follow up to A Date with the Other Side, Heiress for Hire at the local library. Yes i read these books in backward order but at the time i didn't realize it. I have to report though that they are both hilarious. I spent alot of time laughing out loud when i read these books. Below is a snippet from A Date with the Other Side.

Haunted house tour guide Shelby Tucker gets hot and bothered when she stumbles upon sexy, naked Boston McNamara. She knows he’s no ghost, though he does makes her weak in the knees.

That's it? lol Tell you a whole lot though i think. Read a excerpt here on Erin McCarthy's website. Shelby is a divorcee at the young age of 26. She is helping her grandmother out and trying to support herself by giving Haunted House tours thru a series of houses her grandmother owns in Cuttersville, OH. The most  haunted town in America. She walks in on a naked Boston McNamara not knowing he's rented the house from her grandmother for several weeks. Grandma has plans for them. I'll leave it at that. lol Boston is there from Chicago to check in on the factory in Cuttersville.He's not even sure why he's been sent to the middle of nowhere but it feels like it's a punishment of some kind.

Honestly if you want a fun sexy read this is a good place to start. I really enjoyed it and i wasn't sure i would. I read Heiress for Hire first which is the follow up to A Date with the Other Side. Loved it so i knew i had to read this one too. I'm giving it 5 out of 5 Modokker Book Pick Stars. I can also recommend her Fast Track series. Her next book out is a part of that called Hot Finish. If you like sexy race car drivers try this series out.

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