Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Book Review: Risk No Secrets (5th book in Black Ops series) by author Cindy Gerard

I've really been enjoying The Black Ops series by author Cindy Gerard. I reviewed a couple of the first ones but since then plowed my way thru the remaining books in the series. I don't mind saying that i really enjoyed them all. I think my favorite is Johnny Duane Reed's book which is 3rd in the series called Whisper No lies (green cover) the man has it all and doesn't even realize it. Crystal the heroine to Johnny's hero status is total kick ass. Cindy writes the men as strong characters who are tough as nails but still have their inner demons but she also has some super tough women. All i can say is the last few chapters of Whisper no Lies shows you how Cindy Gerard equalizes the men and the women. I found myself cheering Crystal when she saves herself from 3 bad ass men. lol  Anyway let me get back to the 5th book in this book Risk No Secrets. This one is Wyatt (Papa Bear) Savage's story. To me this story starts out tranquil with Wyatt going home to see his family he hasn't seen in 2 years and contemplating his life. That all ends with the ringing of the phone when a old love from his past calls from El Salvador and needs his help. Of course he goes to help but here's the thing. Sophie is married to his best friend Hugh. At least he thinks she is. He and Hugh both had the hots for her 12 years ago when as CIA operatives they took a Spanish language class in which Sophie was the teacher. They both courted her but Hugh got the girl. So where's Hugh now when Sophie needed help? Old feeling come back and now what? Below is a blurb from the back of Risk No Secrets.


Twelve years of chasing bad guys didn’t erase beautiful Sophie Baylor from Wyatt Savage’s memory. If he had another chance, he’d never let her leave. So when she tracks him down from El Salvador and begs for help, he doesn’t ask questions—he just goes.


Sophie is grateful her daughter survived a kidnapping attempt, but she won’t forgive herself until the girl who was mistakenly abducted is safe. Wyatt is the only man brave enough to take on the mysterious terrorists behind the crime—and the one irresistible man she wishes she had never let go.


Sophie knows Central America’s steamy jungles and sticky politics better than anyone. Yet she refuses to hide in fear. Then she becomes the enemy’s number one target. Wyatt lost her once, and he won’t lose her again—even if he has to fight, kill, or die to save her.

Really what can i say that i haven't already. This was the first time i had read Cindy Gerard and i really have enjoyed the series so far. I look forward to her next release in this series. I give Risk No Secrets 5 out of 5 Modokker Book Pick Stars. Start this series from the beginning with Book 1 Show No Mercy and work your way thru all 5 books. If you like romantic suspense this series is for you.

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