Saturday, April 16, 2022

eARC Book review: The Hitwoman’s getaway (Hitwoman #31) by J.B.Lynn


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A romantic room, gourmet meals, free booze, massages…that’s what Maggie is promised when she’s sent away on a pet-friendly romantic getaway.

Crazy fellow guests, a missing couple, a human skull, and someone trying to kill her is what she ends up getting.

With the help of the core members of her menagerie and a new furry friend, Maggie tries to figure out what’s going on while staying alive and how to salvage her romantic weekend.

But a killer has other plans…

This one seemed to put Maggie way our of her comfort zone if she actually has a comfort zone. Gino and Maggie get gifted a weekend away with a few of her animals for company. Maggie has no idea what do to on a weekend get away but things are weird at the place they go. Seems no matter where Maggie goes trouble follows. Gino deserves a medal for hanging in there with this one. Maggie was a bit of a pill but I get she's seriously struggling and overwhelmed with everything she's got going on with life. Really she's feels like she's not in a position to be in a serious relationship. I'm not sure she sees herself ever having a normal life. I really enjoyed this one.

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