Thursday, July 4, 2019

eARC Book review: One Night, White Lies (The Bachelor Pact #3) by Jessica Lemmon

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She needs to kiss him…

before he figures out who she is! 

Reid Singleton just had the best sex ever. When the brown-eyed bombshell turns out to be Drew Fleming—his best friend’s sister all grown-up—Reid can’t decide if he’s furious at her ruse or ready for round two! Drew is determined to tame this stubborn bachelor. But she isn’t the only person from Reid’s past who will change his future…

Reid is the last of his group of friends to hold out on a marriage pact they made together. One by one they fell but he's got a secret that none of them no. One that will hold him to that no marriage pact. Then his best friends sister knocks him on his butt. Drew has had a crush on Reid forever. When she runs into him at a event while she's filling in for her friend for he doesn't recognize her. She decides to let it play out and take her one night with Reid. Thinking that's all she's ever going to have she promises herself she'll confess to him in the morning. Except it turns out not to be just a one night thing. I loved this book. For a shorter book, around 225 pages it packs a wallop.  Somehow the author tells a story that feels a whole lot longer than it actually is. I loved Reid. Poor guy is more beat up on the inside than even he thinks he is. Drew has her own insecurities and Reid good for her but Drew is everything Reid needs.  In the end it left me wanting more. Thank goodness there's another book coming in this series.

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