Thursday, May 9, 2019

eARC Book review: Homecoming for the Cowboy (Bad Boys of Last Stand Book 1) by Nicole Helm


Available May 16th 2019
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Will he break a promise or break her heart? 

Colt Vance owes everything he is to the Martin family, which is why he’s stayed far, far away for years. But now that Fritz Martin has asked him a favor, he’s back in Last Stand facing the one temptation he can’t ever give into: his mentor’s middle daughter. 

Sadie Martin doesn’t like Colt Vance, or so she’s told herself for years. He’s far too charming and has her father wrapped around his finger. But Sadie doesn’t have a choice except to work with Colt to save her beloved goat farm. 

Working together tests Colt’s resolve when it comes to his attraction to Sadie, and Sadie comes to realize she doesn’t just enjoy Colt’s company, she craves it. But Colt can’t break the promise he made to Fritz years ago. Can one tenacious farm girl convince this stubborn cowboy love is always the answer to any problem?

Colt Vance is back home after years away. He's always butt heads with Sadie Martin and being back around her is more of the same but in reality he's been attracted to her forever but he made a promise to  her father to never touch her. Sadie always thought Colt had the approval from her dad that she wanted for herself.  He could do no wrong. Things aren't always what they seem.  The longer Colt and Sadie are around each other butting heads the more they realize they are attracted to each other. This is the first time I have read this  author and i found i really enjoyed the story.  The hero is not shown as a tough man's man at times but it's nice to see a guy be vulnerable. He had some horrible stuff happen to him growing up and he let that fester in him for years. He never had a real female influence in his life growing up and that shows. There were a few eye rolling moments for me but i liked the family and and enjoyed the relationships between the characters.  I'm interested in seeing what happens next in this series.

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