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eARC Book review: Old Dog New Tricks (The Dogfather #8) by Roxanne St. Claire


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Daniel Kilcannon, the veterinarian known as the Dogfather, has been widowed for four years. He's spent the time running the largest canine rescue and training facility in North Carolina and pulling some strings to make sure each of his six grown children find a love like the one he lost when his beloved Annie died. 

But as the years slip by, Daniel's vow to never love again is starting to make him restless. When a woman who was pivotal to his past arrives in Bitter Bark, he wonders if her appearance is coincidence or the guiding hand of his dearly departed wife...but the truth is neither. She's about to change his life again in ways he could never have imagined. And Daniel isn't sure if his heart -- or his family -- will ever recover from the impact. 

I'll start by saying I have loved this series. Each book has been well written and a joy to read. I was a bit apprehensive of this book because Daniel is the patriarch of the family and we've heard some much about his deceased wife Annie I became endeared to her. Kind of hard to accept a new woman in his life. Before Annie though there was Katie. This turned out to be a old love affair renewed. The beginning of the book tell how Katie and Daniel were dating and how Annie came into the picture and what happened to Katie. Then picks up at present time. This is a emotional book to read. It's not as simple as to old lovers reconnecting. That would be to simple really when you can have some twists and turns and secrets. I don't want to give away but i enjoyed the ending although it seemed a bit to easy in the end but hey it's romance as long as everyone is happy right? There's a set up for the cousins of the Kilcannon's too. Going to be fun to see how the series continues. A good stand alone but better if you read the series. 

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