Tuesday, November 13, 2018

eARC Book review: A Texan for Christmas by Jules Bennett


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Black sheep Beau Elliott came home for his baby...and to prove to his family that he's a changed man. The last thing he needs is temptation at his door...but that's what he gets with the new nanny who's living on his ranch! Will their holiday kisses end with a Christmas engagement...or a New Year's dissolution?

Beau Elliott is the brother who left home for Hollywood. He was enjoying himself and finding success when the relationship with the women he as seeing fell apart and he was left with his new born baby to care for. He decided it was time to go home to family. Unfortunately that family is not quite ready to welcome him with open arms yet. Scarlett Patterson has been a nanny for years. After a life hanging event makes it impossible to have children of her own she's decided that her nanny days are over. It's just to hard. Her last job is a three week fill in for another nanny.  That fill in job just happens to be Beau Elliott.  I loved these to together. Beau is not all what he first appears and his daughter always comes first. Not only does he have to decide if he's going back to Hollywood or not he also needs to make amends with his family. Scarlett is dealing with the changes in her life along with her attraction to Beau. The story just flows from page one. This is not a overly long book so things happens fairly quickly but still feel like a well paced story. This is part of a series but can be read as a stand alone story. 

Find out more about Jules Bennett and this series here www.julesbennett.com

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