Thursday, October 18, 2018

eARC Book review: The Hitwoman and the Gold Digger (Confessions of a Slightly Neurotic Hitwoman #19) by J.B. Lynn


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Available October 18th 2018

Just when she thinks she may be catching a break, Maggie Lee is saddled with babysitting her psychic friend, Armani, whose spirit guides have suddenly deserted her. They never warned Armani that she’d be robbed while waiting for an online date who stood her up or that someone would break into her home. 

But investigating the trouble in her friend's world isn’t Maggie's only problem. Someone shoots her avian pal, Mike, and Maggie is determined to find out whom.

Neither task is easy, but Maggie's difficulties are intensified by trying to keep her unruly household running in the absence of Aunt Susan, who seems to have dropped off the planet.

And oh yeah, Maggie's ne'er-do-well dad has returned to town.

Can Maggie successfully juggle her investigations, cops, bad guys, a reporter, her menagerie and her crazy family? Or will it all be too much for her?

Maggie is having the luck she always has is waylaid by friends and family from all directions.  Her friend Armani is stood up at a restaurant which is then robbed. Scared she moves into the B&B with Maggie and her family. Then her house burns to the ground. Now that's tough luck. JB Lynn works her usual magic and you get a entertaining and sometimes nail biting story with twists and turns galore.  You get sucked and then suddenly it's over and your hungering for more.  You could read this as a stand alone but for the most enjoyment you might want to start with book one. You'll be glad you did.

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