Thursday, January 11, 2018

eARC Book review:Unraveled (Whiskey Sharp #1) by Lauren Dane


Available January 30,2018
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The sharpest ache comes from wanting what you think you can't have

Maybe Dolan has lived independent, free-spirited and unattached since leaving home at sixteen. Whiskey Sharp, Seattle's sexy vintage-styled barbershop and whiskey bar, gave her a job and a reason to put down roots. Cutting hair by day, losing herself drumming in a punk rock band by night, she's got it good.

But a longtime crush that turns into a hot, edgy night with brooding and bearded Alexsei Petrov makes it a hell of a lot better.

Maybe's blunt attitude and carnal smile hooked Alexsei from the start. Protecting people is part of his nature and Maybe is meant to be his even if she doesn't know it. Yet. He can't help himself from wanting to protect and care for her.

But Maybe's fiery independent spirit means pushing back when Alexsei goes too far. Still, he's not afraid to do a little pushing of his own to get what he wants her in his life, and his bed, for good. Maybe's more intoxicating than all the liquor on his shelf and he's not afraid to ride the blade's edge to bind her to him."

Maybe Dolan lived a life with parents who seem to hate her until she escaped at the age of 16. Years later she put herself back in their path to help her older sister. Maybe and her sister Rachel bought a house together and moved in next to Alexsi Petrov's aunt. It wasn't long beforenthey were pulled in to the family fold. Alexsi is the owner of Whiskey Sharp. A barber shop/bar where Maybe works. Two years after meeting and ignoring the attraction between them Alexsi is ready to start a relationship. I liked parts of this book. I loved Alexsi and his family. They take Maybe and Rachel in sensing they need care and making them feel welcome. Alexsi is all for Maybe. Whatever she needs he's there for her. I liked their relationship. What i didn't like was the main female characters name Maybe. It was a nickname and it was cute how she got it but it was confusing. There is some intense stuff that has happened with both sisters. The explanation for what happened with Rachel was only hinted at. It's extremely bad from what we're given but it felt like i missed something.  Something needed to understand what's going on now. We're also left with a cliffhanger and i am not a fan of that. The threat to Rachel and Maybe is not resolved. I think Rachel's book should have maybe came first. I think Maybe's story would have made more sense that way. I'm not sure. Rachel's book is coming up next. Despite the things i didn't like i still feel invested in the characters which is a testament to the writing of Ms. Dane. Hopefully things with Rachel and Maybe will be more resolved in the next book.

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