Tuesday, June 6, 2017

eARC Book review: Claimed by the Rancher: A Scandalous Story of Passion and Romance by Jules Bennett


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Just how far is this wealthy rancher willing to go for his pregnant lover? 

Their years apart haven't diminished Nolan Elliott's desire for Pepper Manning. Even knowing she's pregnant with another man's baby, the rancher can't stay away. He didn't claim her when she needed him so long ago and the sting of losing her, and their child, still resonates.

With custody of her unborn baby now in jeopardy, Nolan vows to use his wealth and power to give Pepper everything she wants. That means proposing a marriage...in name only. But is that a vow the rancher stands any chance of keeping?

Claimed by the Rancher is part of The Rancher's Heirs series.

I always enjoy second chance romances. Nolan and Pepper used to be a close couple. Young and in love when Pepper gets pregnant and lost the baby, Nolan pulled away and let Pepper go. He hardened his heart against love and has been living his life with no serious entanglements. Now Pepper has come back to town after drifting around for years trying to find where she belongs. Opening a arts and floral store one of her first customers turns out to be Nolan. Pepper pregnant with another man's baby she runs into some problems with her store and her baby's family and Nolan is there to help.  Oh Nolan! He's such a wonderful guy yet can't see what he has right in front of his face. Taking care of a pregnant Pepper and all that entails messes with that stone cold heart. The one that's been closed for business for years. Pepper still loves Nolan but can't open herself up to the possibility of have her heart broke again. I felt for both Nolan and Pepper even when several times i wanted to kick Nolan and tell him to get a clue. Thank goodness for brothers. Nolan's brother tries to get him to see that what he needs is right there for the taking. Loving these Elliot brother's and their big hearts. 

Find out more about this series and author Jules Bennett here www.julesbennett.com

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