Tuesday, May 16, 2017

eARC Book review: New Leash on Life (The Dogfather #2) by Roxanne St. Claire


Available May 19th 2017
eARC Provided by author.

Former attorney and current dog whisperer Shane Kilcannon doesn’t like to lose. At anything. So when he messes up his chance with a beautiful stranger whose confident smile and haunted eyes intrigue him more than any woman he’s ever met, he’s ready to snarl like one of his beloved pit bulls. But Shane’s work with the wildest and wariest of his family’s rescue dogs has taught him patience…and persistence. When his father asks him to work alongside Chloe, helping to convince the locals to support her groundbreaking tourism plans, he agrees…as long as she is willing to help him by giving a temporary home to one misunderstood dog.

Chloe Somerset has built a reputation in the tourism industry as someone with big ideas that put little places on the map, and she’s confident she can do the same for Bitter Bark, North Carolina. All she has to do is convince one small town to change its name, open her germophobic heart to a dog with a penchant for face-licking, and avoid the landmines of local politics when her plans divide the townspeople. But none of that is as scary as the feeling of falling hard for a handsome charmer who whispers all the right things and tempts Chloe to forget a lifetime of hard lessons. Shane might be the best trainer in the family, with an instinct for how to get through to the creatures who need care the most, but he’s met his match with Chloe and it’ll take every trick he knows to teach her to fall in love.

Book 2 in the Dogfather series starts out with Chloe Somerset coming to town to help out her Aunt Blanche who is the Mayor. The town needs a makeover to bring in the tourists.  Her name change idea is brilliant for some people. Others not so much. Shane Kilcannon is a lawyer and one of the family dog whisperers. He's attracted to Chloe from the first time he meets her but he's not a love em and keep em type of guy. Doesn't meet he doesn't want to be a love em for right now type of guy. He's got a couple of hang ups from his mother passing away.  Chloe on the other hand has some hang ups of her own from growing up with a mother who was a hoarder.  After Shane give Chloe a dog to take care of they decide to join forces and show the town that a name change to Better bark is a good idea and the town can be pet friendly for tourists. While some things they do go really well someone is not on their side and sets out to sabotage the whole thing. Love watching Chloe and Shane help each other. They don't even realize it most of the time that they are healing each other. I just LOVE the Kilcannon family. Only on book two of this series so far and i want to read whatever comes next and i want to read it now. I hope the series can live up to these first two books because i am hooked!

Find out more about Roxanne St Claire and this series here www.roxannestclaire.com

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