Friday, August 14, 2015

ARC Book review: Secret Pleasure (Bound Hearts #13) by Lora Leigh

Available August 18th 2015
eARC Provided by publisher through Netgalley

Once a member of the Sinclair men’s club as their honorary female member, Alyssa Hampstead broke one of the most important rules of the club and gracefully accepted Ian Sinclair’s request to leave.

For a reason.

Now, caught between two men she’s terrified of, and a father determined to destroy her, she turns to the only safety she’s ever known, that of the men’s club she forced herself to walk away from.

Only to learn that the very men she’s running from are awaiting for her there. And the man determined to destroy her, has just been waiting for her to return –

This was was pretty good at first then it just wasn't. I have read i think most if not all the previous books in this series so i kinda knew what to expect. I did not get what i expected. I liked the cousins well enough and Alyssa. I could not keep straight all the various secondary character. Many appeared with no explanation of who they were where they came from.  The cousins were called brothers more than once in the story. Alyssa mother tells her right before she leaves her in a pivotal place in the story to look in her secret hiding place for something. It's never mentioned again. The last villan (there are more than one) is revealed at the end and because this story was all over the place it made no sense. To many relationships were not explained and/or barely if at all eluded to. I read the book to the very end in hopes it would all makes sense. It was all to choppy for me. The blurb is kind of misleading too. She is not terrified of the men she's running from. Hurt emotionally yes, terrified no. Disappointed because i have liked this authors previous books and was excited to see she had a new release coming.  

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