Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Book review: What the Prince Wants by Jules Bennett

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What happens when a royal daddy falls for his child's live-in nanny? 

Widowed Prince Mikos Colin Alexander wants to raise his little girl out of the spotlight. Granted a six-month leave from his royal duties, he escapes to Los Angeles, posing as a regular guy, one in need of a live-in nanny. Colin reluctantly hires Darcy Cooper, the curvy beauty who easily wins over his baby duchess. But soon the lush, love-shy American wins him over, too. Now he's torn between duty to the crown and what feels like his new found family. But when Darcy discovers her emotionally distant boss is royalty, will all bets be off?

What the Prince Wants is the brand new release by Jules Bennett. I love these smaller Harelquin books that usually top out at around  200 pages. The most skilled authors can make you feel like you've read a longer book if their story telling abilities are good. This is a good example of one of those. Prince Mikos Colin Alexander is widowed and still suffering from a serious rock climbing injury when he moves himself and his toddler daughter to California. Going by just Colin Alexander he hires a nanny for his little girl who takes his breath away the moment he lays eyes on her. Darcy Cooper is pretty much the opposite in background from the prince.  She had a thriving nanny/day care business until her then boyfriend stole all her money and ran the business into the ground. She is literally one job, this job away from having nothing. She's lost her home, her car, her life basically and one bag that all her belonging fit in is all she has left.  This job will either make her or break her. Loved all the characters in this book. Darcy is great with the little duchess and finds herself getting attached to both her and her father. Colin has to learn to think about the people he cares about and to let those people see his vulnerabilities and to take help when it's offered and ask when it's needed. Darcy has to learn to love herself as she is and to learn to trust again. Great story. I could really feel what Darcy and Colin were feeling and it put me right in the story.

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