Tuesday, May 12, 2015

ARC Book review: Touch of Amber (Hot Rods #7) by Jayne Rylon

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Perfect isn’t a destination. But the journey can be one hot ride.

Hot Rods, Book 7

As the planner for the Hot Rods’ quadruple wedding—one of which involves her sister, Nola—Amber Brown needs every ounce of her formidable attention to detail. Which is just fine with her.

She’s a teensy bit envious of the raw sexual power contained within the Hot Rods’ polyamorous circle. But after watching her mother suffer the heartache of her father’s death, Amber won’t risk her heart, not even for the super-sexy lawyer on the guest list. 

Gavyn has handled enough divorce cases to witness the horrors people who supposedly loved each other can inflict. Yet when he assists Amber with the wedding prep in exchange for her advice on his new venture, it’s hard to ignore the steam rising between them.

Finally, they agree to a single night of strings-free sex. Except one taste isn’t enough to curb their hunger. Until Amber makes a shocking discovery that sours her appetite for the man she thought could satisfy her for a lifetime. And leaves Gavyn negotiating desperately for a future he never thought he craved.

Product Warnings: Powerful emotions, like love—or self-loathing—can be intense to witness. But rescuing someone from soul-deep bitterness is worth the risk. 

I have read several Jayne Rylon books and enjoyed them so i was excited to check in with the Hot Rods gang.  This is book 7 in the Hot Rods series.  Although i had read a few of the books in this series i missed a few as well so i hoped when i read this i wouldn't have a issue.  Amber Brown is in charge of  planning a group wedding. While the thought of that might make most people run screaming into the night this is the kind of thing that Amber loves. Unfortunately it makes her just a little too uptight and over stressed.  Gavyn is the complete opposite of Amber. He's laid back and easy going. To get to that though he went through hell as a divorce lawyer put through the ringer. To cope he turned to drugs and alcohol. Now working on his recovery and restarting his life he offers to help Amber with the wedding and help her loosen up. Amber in return offers to help him with his business venture. It doesn't hurt that the chemistry between is them is razor hot!  Loved this couple. They sizzle together on the page but even though insecurity knocks them down a time or two they don't give up. Just regroup and lean on each other and their hot rods friends and family. A fun but emotion read worth getting the box of tissues out.

Find out more about the Hot Rod series and Jayne Rylon here www.jaynerylon.com

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