Tuesday, April 14, 2015

ARC Book review: From Best Friend to Bride (Book 3 in the St. Johns of Stonerock Harlequin Special Edition) by Jules Bennett

eARC provided by author for review
Available April 21st


Therapist Megan Richards provides her patients with expert counsel but she can't remedy her lifelong love for her best friend. Police chief Cameron St. John is the perfect man kind, thoughtful and oh-so-sexy. Megan doesn't want to confess her feelings and risk their closeness even if it means finding the happiness she's always longed for.

Cameron keeps citizens safe for a living, but even he can't protect his own heart from Megan. He's always steadfastly been by her side, but as a buddy. Until he realizes that his feelings for her are anything but friendly and that by declaring himself, he might lose her friendship, but gain so much more.

What do you do when you are attracted to your best friend and he appears to be clueless. This is Megan Richard problem. Her best friend Cameron St John is also the police chief and says he is does not want a long term  relationships because of the danger in his job. If They cross the friendship barrier and things go south then what? Once they finally cross that line though all bets are off.

Megan and Cameron have been best friends for years. As they got older at some point each realized that they had feelings that were more than just friends. Megan is on the fence about telling Cameron how she feels, because Cameron keeps bringing up the fact that he will never get into a serious relationship with a woman. He won't subject someone he loves to the worrying and the possibility of something happening to him on the job.He's the chief of police.  Megan gets a job offer that will elevate her career and mean more money. If she can't have Cameron as more than a friend then maybe she should take the job and get away from  him so that maybe she can get over wanting him. Should she at least risk it before leaving? It's fun to watch Megan and Cameron negotiate their way through the changes in their relationship. Not only to they have to decide if they should pursue their feeling they also have to worry about Megan's brother Evan who can't seem to stay out of trouble. A great friends to lovers story. 

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