Tuesday, November 18, 2014

ARC Book review: Her Holiday Man by Shannon Stacey

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Available Nov 2 ( now!)

Christina Forrester is starting over. After a financial scandal sent her ex-husband to prison, she's left raising her young son without any of the comforts of their old life. Budgets, coupons, lawn care—you name it, she's learning to do it all on her own. Well, almost on her own—she'd be lost without Gail Broughton, the kind widow across the street. But when Gail's son comes home, Christina's vow to never trust a man again is put to the test.

Will Broughton left town because he was tired of being "that poor man" who lost his wife and unborn child in a tragic accident. But years have passed and, with his dad gone and his mom alone, it's time to go home. Only his mother's not alone. She's taken Christina under her wing, and the beautiful and determined single mother awakens something in Will he thought was buried forever.

As Will and Christina are forced to spend more time together, feelings that are more than neighborly grow between them. And with Christmas coming and a child filling both houses with holiday cheer, it becomes nearly impossible not to embrace the joy—and the love—in their lives.

This is a pull your heart strings  stand alone story set at Christmas time. Christina and her young son are living across the street from Gail Broughton. Thankful for Gail's help Christina views her as a friend and as a surrogate mom. Gail  on the other hand has lost her husband in the past year  and having Christina and her son around helps sooth that loss and gives her something to do and look forward to. Then Gail's son Will comes home and he instantly feels a connection with Christina and isn't exactly happy about it. Having lost his wife and baby is a car accident years ago he became a wanderer until his dad's passing finally brings him home. Thinking he would be helping his mom he is surprised to find his mom is doing ok and she is helping Christina and her son. He's wary of Christina at first thinking she might be using his mom it doesn't take long to figure out she is genuine. Although this story had it's sad points,considering the all the characters histories Shannon Stacey makes it easily into one of those soft fuzzy reads by the end. I loved the characters and how they interacted and the ending that shows the reader what happens after. Love those kinds of endings myself. A real joy to relax and read this book.

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