Tuesday, August 12, 2014

ARC Book review: Hard Knocks (Ultimate 0.5) by Lori Foster

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In the stunning prequel novella to her new mixed martial arts series, New York Times bestselling author Lori Foster brings together an elite fighter and the woman he’s determined to win.

Power. Brute strength. Unforgettable moves. It’s no wonder Harper Gates hasn’t been able to get her fling with Gage “Savage” Ringer out of her head. Months have passed since she laid eyes—or any other body parts—on him. Months without a word of contact… until, sidelined by injury, he comes back to town.

Staying focused on his training seemed like a smart move to Gage, even if he thought about Harper every day. Seeing her again only makes it clear how much is at stake. He’s got one night to earn back her trust. One night to show her that behind his breathtaking skill and ripped body is a man who’ll give her everything she needs.

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Goodness let's just start by this cover! Wow Lori Foster must be one of the luckiest author's when it comes to covers. This is a sneak peek into a brand new series. If you have read some of Lori Foster's back list you might have read her previous MMA series. There is supposed be appearances by some of those character's that series and there are in book one coming out later this month. As for this novella it's a quick fast glimpse into the series starting out with a bunch of the secondary character's from book one. Gage Ringer is a huge well built fighter but he's got a soft spot for Harper Gates. A great chance for possible promotion in his career comes about taking him away from her for months. Thinking he really needs to not concentrate on her but on his training he doesn't contact her...... at ALL! Not a good move when you really care for a woman and want her to care for you back. Injured before his big fight he get replaced and now is back and getting the cold shoulder.  Love this novella. Lori Foster gives you a big tease to Cannon's book by mentioning him a lot but concentrating on introducing secondary characters. Those character's jump off the page with the setting at the Community center that fans of this author will recognize from her Love Under Cover series. Gage is this clueless man who can't seem to figure out at first where he went wrong because of course he thought he could pick up where he left off before. Harper has to figure him out as well and it's fun to watch the two dance around each other the night of Cannon's big fight while they help host a viewing party at the community center. Of course their friends offer their help and are the comic relief of the story. I'm looking forward to seeing where this series goes especially after Cannon's book and into the characters not as well known.

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