Thursday, June 26, 2014

ARC book review: When Opposites Attract... (The Barrington Trilogy #1)

Available July 1st 2014

ebook ARC provided by author.

"When I want something, I find a way to make it mine."

After a near-fatal accident, Hollywood hotshot Grant Carter never imagined returning to the equestrian world. But producing a movie about a racing dynasty means he has no choice. Luckily Tessa Barrington, star jockey, provides the distraction he needs—feisty attitude, stunning looks...and a surprising innocence he can't resist.

Tessa won't give herself to just any man, especially a smooth-talking player like Grant. Once filming wraps, how can she trust he'll stick around? He's already keeping secrets. Besides, Tessa has her eye on bigger prizes...unless falling in love is the biggest prize of all, for both of them.

If you want to read a fast exciting and quick paced book that you can finish in one afternoon this is a good place to start. Grant Carter arrives at the Barrington's with a few goals and a few fears. He wants to co-produce this movie about horse racing Icon Damon Barrington. He is also hoping to finally face his fears about being around horses again and maybe even face the thing that caused this fear in the first place. If he can pull it off the movie he  will more than likely get his own production company. What he didn't bargain on was meeting Tessa Barrington the jockey for Barrington's racing horses. She's a champion jockey and is training for some of the biggest races of her life. She lives her life on a schedule taking no time for herself. The last time she let a man get close to her he tried to use her money and name for his own gain.  That guy was a city clicker just like what Grant Carter appears to be.  This story moves at a fast clip but that doesn't mean the Tessa is going to  give in to Grant advances right away. Grant is quite a pushy man for someone who has it written into his contract that he will be fired is caught fraternizing with anyone on the film. He can't seem to help himself when it comes to Tessa. It's interesting to see where this story goes once Tessa and Grant finally get together. How will their individual fears and goals effect their relationship? Can it work out once they finally face those fears? It's exciting to watch how this story winds up to it's ending. Little gut wrenching, little emotional but completely exciting! 

Find out more about this book and the author Jules Bennet here

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