Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Book review: Rebel On The Run (Hot Rods #4) by Jayne Rylon

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Bryce has been keeping a secret. A really big bomb. The Hot Rods have always assumed he’s kept quiet about his family because his childhood was the worst of all of theirs. Considering they’ve lived through druggie parents, abuse, abandonment, and plenty more nightmares, that’s saying something.

Respecting his request for privacy, none of them have ever pried past the guarded shadows in his eyes. After all, nearly all of them know what it’s like to live with ghosts of terrible histories. Better off forgotten. But when Kaelyn DuChamp’s Maserati overheats near the Hot Rod garage, Bryce’s two worlds collide and he’s forced to admit the horrible truth.

He’s a rebel. A runaway from an aristocratic, old-money home…or mansion, as the case may be. Owned by parents who never hit him, or molested him, or ridiculed him. After all, they’d have had to acknowledge him to do that.

After convincing Kaelyn his job at the garage isn’t a joke, or a crazy phase that’s lasted a decade, he can start damage control both with his gang and the girl he’d always thought was too vibrant for her plastic existence. She can’t spill his secret or everything he’s worked for, built and loved will disappear. His family wouldn’t think twice about throwing money at whoever it took to shut down Hot Rods just to bring their ungrateful heir to heel.

Physical versus mental. Refined versus crass. Quiet versus talkative. Bryce and Kaelyn are opposites in every possible way. And you know what they say about that…

Bryce can’t believe how easily the princess fits amidst his garage monkey friends. Soon Kae is emulating all their wild ways. With her hair down, the badass Barbie is more than his libido can handle. Shifting into high gear, he tries to convince her to stay down and dirty with him.

He’s willing to do anything to keep her. Even wear the mantle of his deep, dark, totally privileged pedigree long enough to set things straight.

Another book in the Hot Rod series you can expect some sizzling heat in this book. Bryce (Rebel) has a big secret he's been hiding from his friends for ten years. He doesn't have a past like theirs. He wasn't abused or had a rough upbringing the way all others have. He had a cushy life in comparison. When Kaelyn's car breaks down no far from the Hot Rods home base he just happens to be the tow truck guy who comes to help her. Kaelyn though he deserted her 10 years ago when their manipulating parents said he left for a life of partying in Europe. Brokenhearted that he left her and never looked back she can't believe he was right there still in the same state as her all this time.  Now he has to decide how to handle her. Let her into his life and tell his friends where he really came from or take her and run. While i loved the idea of both their parents people powerful political people i found it a little to easy for how the handled them. What about the guy who was after her to marry her? I wanted just a little bit more before it all worked out. That cliffhanger ending just tore me up in the end though. Oh how i hate those but it won't keep me from reading the next book darn it! One thing about Jayne Rylon you aren't going to wait a year to find out what happens next. June 24th Swinger Style is slated to release. Can't wait.

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