Thursday, April 28, 2011

Book review: Love Bites a Sofie Metropolis novel by author Tori Carrington

I recently read the latest in the Sofie Metropolis series by author Tori Carrington (ie Lori & Tony Karayianna). In this one Sofie has to deal with the possibilities of vampires in the neighborhood and murder. She is also wrangling two men in her life hottie Australian Jake and the Greek baker Dino. Below is a short blurb.

Sofie Metropolis is back and in the deep end of the coffee pot when she's retained by the neighbourhood vampire to prove he isn’t responsible for a recent string of grisly murders, and her mother talks her into looking for a missing woman neither of them knows, but Thalia has adopted in absentia nonetheless. And if her plate isn’t full enough, things heat up on the romantic front when ‘bounty hunter’ Jake Porter and yummy Greek baker Dino both decide to vie for her undivided attention. What’s a good Greek girl with a gun to do?

I've read the other books in this series. It's not a typical contemporary romance per say. Sofie is a private investigator working for her Uncle Spyro who is never around to help her learn the ropes. She's been learning her way as she goes. In this book she is pushed by her mother to help find out what happened to a girl whose gone missing from the neighborhood. Her neighbor down the street Ivan Romanoff and possible vampire gets picked up for questioning by police for some women who've been found murdered and he hires Sofie to prove it wasn't him.  Problem is the murdered women all have their blood drained from them so he looks pretty guilty or one of his family does. She doesn't really want to take the case but end up checking into it anyway. Between checking into the disappearance of Roula the women her mom wants her to look into the murdered women and other missing women and her staff along with the two hot men in her life Sofie has her hands full. I liked this one there is enough of the romance/suspense and humor in it to make it enjoyable. The one thing i didn't like that much was the cliff hanger ending. I won't give it away but it ticketed me off a little and I'll just say it involves the two hottie men in her life, Jake and Dino. You can check out this book and all the other book by Tori Carrington by clicking here. I give "Love Bites" by tori Carrington 3 and 1/2 Modokker Book Pick stars.

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