Monday, May 17, 2010

Review: Montana Destiny by author R.C. Ryan

Oh man! Montana Destiny is the 2nd book in the Montana series. I reviewed the first in the series Montana Legacy last month.  The series is about 3 cousins, the McCords, that haven't seen each other in years. They are brought together again by the death of their grandfather. Their grandfather has plans for them even in death. They will inherit everything if they will continue the search for a lost treasure that is believed to be on their vast ranch. Clues are everywhere but there are those who would like that treasure for themselves. Here is a little blurb about Montana Destiny

Wyatt McCord looks more like an eternal surfer than a cowboy. After traveling around the globe, he is brought back to Gold Fever by the death of his grandfather, and challenged to take up the search for the legendary McCord fortune. But Wyatt finds an even greater challenge in Marilee Trainor, a free-spirit who handles the town's emergency runs and pilots her own plane. When she decides to aid Wyatt in his treasure hunt, she finds herself in the line of fire by someone bent on preventing Wyatt from reaching his goal.

Ok you just have to read this book. First read Montana Legacy if you haven't already,to read Jesse's story then come back for Montana Destiny to read Wyatt's story. Wyatt came back to the ranch for his grandfather Coot's funeral but after he got there he realized he was meant to stay. He sees pretty Marilee Trainor the towns EMT and crack airplane pilot and instantly intrigued. Both Wyatt and Marilee are really independent take charge people, because of things that happened in their lives. Marilee never gets serious never lets anyone in, until Wyatt. Somehow he finds a way in and they both soon realize they've got something going on that isn't so casual. Thing is Marilee doesn't believe there is a treasure. The whole town thought Coot was crazy and after all the stories she thinks maybe they are right. That is until she finds some old scraps of paper with notes from the McCord ancestors journal. She takes them to Wyatt and finds herself believing there might be something to this treasure thing. Some other people must believe there is a treasure as well because suddenly Marilee and Wyatt have a few close calls. When Marilee's plane is sabotaged a 2nd time and she is seriously injured things get serious fast. Can Wyatt and his cousins find out who is behind all these scary close calls and find the treasure? Hmmm.... read the book and see what happens. It's a must read. One of those books you don't want to put down. I should know i bought it and read it all in one day! In case you couldn't guess i give Montana Destiny 5 out 5 Modokker Book pick stars. To find out more about the series and R.C. Ryan (Ruth Ryan Langan) please go to her website You can even get a little glimpse of the next book in this series  Montana glory which will be about Cousin Zane McCord!  Dues out November 2010!

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