Monday, January 18, 2010

REVIEW: Prince Charming by author Julie Garwood

I am a huge Julie Garwood fan! If you hang around here long enough you'll figure that out quickly. I just finished theJulie Garwood historical Prince Charming. I didn't realize how long this book was until i got halfway thru and realized it was 531 pages. I have to say though, i really enjoyed all 531 pages. From the beginning til the end it was good. I think it took my about the first 10 pages to get lost in it and then before i knew  i was halfway thru. Below is a synopsis.

England, 1868 AD. Only her beloved grandmother, Lady Esther, knew how devastated Taylor Stapleton had been when her fiance eloped with Taylor's Cousin, Jane. Now that good lady -- one of London's richest and most formidable matriarchs -- lay dying. But first she was going to help Taylor Pull off the scam of the season. To escape becoming a ward of her unscrupulous uncle, Taylor would wed Lucas Ross, a rugged American rancher,Lady Esther's money would enable Ross to bring his youngest half-brother home to Montana. Taylor had her own urgent reason to go to America ... a precious legacy she hadn't revealed to Ross, for they had agreed to go their separate ways once they reached Boston. But as her handsome new husband spoke of life in Montana, Taylor began planning a new future. To Taylor, the wide-open spaces of Montana sounded like paradise....

I just loved Taylor and Lucas. Lucas doesn't think he is worthy of love and not a gentleman but he is. His character is wonderful and Taylor is a gem. She's got alot of fire and spirit and she is definitely determined. The story is long and involved with plenty of details. Taylor picks up a new friend along the way and has many secrets. She is to pick up her deceased sisters twin girls and raise them with help from the money her grandmother leaves her. Before she can pick them up they are stolen and she has to confess to Lucas that they exist and he then vows to find them. He eventually does with his friend Hunter to help him. They pick up an addition kid a boy who has no real name. This makes them a family of sorts. Taylor takes off with her 3 new charges and her new friend for the Montana territory to get away from her nasty uncle Malcolm. Lucas catches up with her there and they decide to stay a while but dear uncle Malcolm hunts her down there and she finally has to face him to keep her twin girls. In the end Lucas and Taylor work out all their secrets and become a real family. One paragraph just isn't enough to tell everything in this book. You simply HAVE to read it! lol  It's a great read. You may need a few days to get thru the whole book but it well worth it. This isn't a new book it was released initially in 1994 but it's worth tracking down to read it. I was lucky enough to find it in a used book store for 35 cents. What a bargain that was!

Going to give it 5 Modokker book pick stars! Get this book if you love historicals you can't go wrong

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