Monday, October 7, 2013

GIVEAWAY!!! Hot Cover Monday! Soothing his Madness (Biker series 3) by Debra Kayn

 photo SoothingHisMadnessCover600_zps9f55bc9f.jpg

Find out more about Debra Kayn  and this series as well as her new release Conveniently out today!

To celebrate release day Debra Kayn is giving away a copy of Conveniently to one lucky commenter. Just tell us which you prefer Motorcycle guys or Olympic Skiers? Giveaway ends on Wednesday! Don't miss out! 

Below is the blurb to Conveniently where our her is a Olympic skier.Order is here

Easygoing Juan Santiago, a two-time gold medalist on the US Olympic men’s downhill ski team, receives his last warning: Either stay free of scandal, or lose his sponsorship and be put on the reserve list. With the Olympics a month away, he won’t risk being thrown off the team. He vows no more women, no more parties, and no more scandalous behavior. But when a gorgeous woman runs past him at Timber Lodge with the sexiest calves he’s ever seen, he must follow her.
When Dana Reese, daughter of Colton Reese - owner of the world’s biggest ski equipment company - is stood up on her wedding day, she’s devastated and outraged. How dare her ex- ruin her life schedule. Organized to a fault, she must get married today, so the rest of her plans will happen in order. Luckily for her, she’s caught in a compromising position with a member of the US Olympic ski team and wiggles her way into saving his ass by marrying him.
Little does she know that she didn’t marry just any young stud skier, but the man they call Amante Español. Spanish Lover.


  1. Bikers Bikers and more Bikers!
    Did I say bikers?! :)

  2. Hmm, the cover guy here is distracting, but I also vote for bikers!

  3. I like them all! :) I like the sound of this skier.......

  4. Hot, sexy bikers all the way, even though the guy on the the book cover is yummy!

  5. Biker skiers alpha men they can all be my book boyfriends and ride me