Thursday, October 10, 2013

Book review:The Hitwoman and the Neurotic Witness ( book 5) by J.B. Lynn

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Book 5 in the Confessions of a Slightly Neurotic Hitwoman series

When her apartment building is blown to smithereens, bumbling hitwoman Maggie Lee is forced to move back into the Bed & Breakfast she grew up in.

Living with her three meddling aunts is bad enough, but it just so happens that the B&B is also occupied by a U.S. Marshal, an FBI agent, her old friend Zeke who’s on a mysterious mission, and a woman who claims she can see dead people. These aren’t the kinds of roomies Maggie wants to spend time with, considering that in order to pay for her niece’s medical care she supplements her income by killing people.

Maggie avoids arrest and deals with a crazier-than-usual home life while trying to track down exactly who is blowing up the holdings of various crime families. To make matters worse, she’s walking a precarious tightrope between keeping her mobster bosses happy and protecting her murder mentor (and almost lover) Patrick Mulligan.

Aided by the warped predictions of her semi-psychic friend, her sarcastic, demanding, talking lizard and an always ravenous, dyslexic Doberman, Maggie juggles keeping secrets, unraveling riddles and protecting those she loves.

Can she do it all? Or will she suffer yet another unspeakable loss?

OMG it's another hilarious and precarious Maggie adventure! If you have not read this series yet i stress to you that you need to. It's slightly paranormal, slightly suspense and all kinds of funny too. Maggie is made to be a hit woman for hire in book one in order to pay for her niece's hospital care. Finally her niece is starting to get better but Maggie is hip deep in her hitwoman life now. Her murder mentor who is way complicated and Maggie's love interest is back and looking our for Maggie in his own way as usual. This is a fast paced book that ends way to soon as usual. It sucks you right in and for however long it takes you to read it you are entertained. There is a talking dog, cat and lizard as well as fortune telling friend and 3 crazy aunts a hot love interest and of course the mob. You'll laugh i guarentee it!  5 out of 5 stars for the Hitwoman and Neurotic Witness by JB Lynn.

Find out more about this series and JB Lynn here Do yourself a favor and check out this series!

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