Thursday, June 7, 2012

Book review: Spy Hard by Dana Marton

 Out June 5th 2012

Being deep undercover in a drug lord's compound, Jase Campbell can't afford to be anything but ruthless and mission-oriented. But it doesn't take trained instincts to see that pregnant Melanie Key needs his help to escape an increasingly lethal situation…whether she wants it or not. Jase can certainly understand why the once-naive widow insists on relying on herself and will trust him only so far. And her courage and unexpected resourcefulness in the face of killer obstacles is sparking something even more risky—and irresistible—between them. Now, with danger fast closing in, Jase will put everything at stake for a future with Melanie—if they can survive to have one.

I am a fan of Dana Marton Harlequin Intrigues. This latest release falls right in with Dana's other Intrigues. Spy hard features of course a hot, tall, dark and handsome spy.  Under cover in the jungle pretending to work for a drug lord Jase is trying to get into the hacienda where Pedro the drug lord let's his most protected men in. So far he hasn't been able to make it happen. Then passing by the hacienda looking for his chance in he spots a figure on the balcony. A woman crying? An American woman no less. Not his business he decides and moves on. Later when he comes face to face with her he discovers she's from Texas his home state and pregnant. Later he would find out she's very pregnant and ready to burst. Oh boy. Melanie wants to escape. The drug lord is her deceased husbands brother. He lured here there under the pretense of bringing her husbands ashes to him and then he kept her captive. He's after her baby which is a boy and would be his heir.  Jase has got to decide if he should follow the orders of his Op or try and help this pregnant woman which he's also finds he's attracted to. A lot of work has gone into this operation but when it comes right down to it he puts Melanie first. The time comes and he breaks her out and taking also a small tribal boy and his 3 legged pup they move as quickly as possible through the jungle hopefully to safety. Of course it's never that easy. This is a another great little suspense story from Dana Marton. I love that Melanie gives herself pep talks. Telling herself she can do it and she is in charge of her life. There are some humorous scenes and the one that stands out is when she takes off with some of Jase's stuff and the boy and ends up using the machete she stole and hits a huge hornets nest. Talk about your "oh shit!" moments. lol  She ends up blind because she gets stung on both eyes and Jase easily catches up to her. Finally he has to tell her he isn't really the bad guy he's been portraying so maybe she'll trust him. There are of course some kick ass fight scene's where Jase really cleans up and Melanie has a few moments too. It's the little tribal boy who saves the day though. Plenty of action, adventure and romance. Just the right amount of everything to make it a great enjoyable read.  4 out of 5 Modokker Book Pick stars for Spy Hard by Dana Marton.

Find out more about Dana on her great new website and read a excerpt to this book and her other books here

Look for the next book by Dana Marton in July 2012 The Spy Wore Spurs

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