Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Book review: This world or the Next (The Perilous Journey's of Wilona Bumbridge 1) by debut YA author Lukas Holmes

I don't really review Young Adult books but was asked if my son would like to read and review a brand new YA book and after reading the blurb and me telling him what he needed to do he decided he wanted to give it a try. The following review is his words alone.

 By Guest Reviewer Jacob Boggs


The world she knows has come to an end…

When the Black Carriage kidnaps Wilona Bumbridge from the streets of Victorian London, her life immediately appears to improve. She is taken to a place with other children and given a bed of her own and food at every meal, things she’d never been able to count on before. But when it soon becomes apparent that their captor is not as human as he seems, and that even the beds and food disguise his nefarious plans for the children, Wilona realizes that escape is their only hope for survival.

From London to the English countryside to a spaceship with a view among the stars, her perilous journey has merely begun. With nothing more than the advice of a little redheaded girl who hides secrets of her own, Wilona and the other children must fight together to defeat a monster whose evil extends across the universe.

This World or the Next is the debut book for author Lukas Holmes. When I started reading this book I started off thinking that it would be something great like the Percy Jackson and Harry Potter series. I found the settings and characters to be unique, with my personal favorite being the Texas teen Cam. I enjoyed the story from start to end with the clever plot twist at the end leaving the reader wanting as many answers as the cast did throughout the book. The only problem I found in  the story was how many times and how far the author "jumped the gun." A good example of 'jumping the gun' would be talking about life after college in 7th grade. As far as I counted this happened, I think at maybe six different points in the story. The thing I found the most interesting is the history of the characters and how it shaped them. Only second to that would be the love interest between some the characters, especially that of Lady and Lord Madsen and how their love lasted to the end. All and all This World or the Next by debut YA author Lukas Holmes is an over all good book that could become the next big thing after the Hunger Games or Twilight is well done with our generation and we need something new to find enjoyment in. I give This World o the Next 4 out of 5 Modokker Book Pick stars.

You can read more about Lukas Holmes and read a excerpt for this book here
Buy it for Amazon Kindle here Ebook only but paperback coming soon.
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  1. I must say that is a really good review... He can start his own blog reviewing on YA books :)

  2. Very well-written review! Good job!

  3. Looks like Jake is a chip off the old block.....not that you're old or a block ;) Very well written review.