Monday, April 12, 2010

short review: Angels' Judgement by author Nalini Singh

If you want a intro to Nalini Singh's writing this is a good place to start. Angels' Judgement is a novella within an anthology book called Must Love Hellhounds with 3 other authors. If you want to read Angels' judgement you have to look for the book Must Love Hellhounds as the title. First this story goes along with the two other Guild Hunter series books out there already. You should read the first one Angels' blood then read this one and then Archangel's Kiss. That's just a recommendation though on my part. Angels' Judgement is about Sara. How she became the Guild Hunter Director and how she met Deacon ,and man he is sizzling hot!  I don't want to give anything away because the story is so short but if you want to read a unedited advance excerpt of chapter one you can go to Nalini's website and read it here. This story actually takes place before Angel's blood. Deacon is the slayer for the Hunters Guild and he must track down any Hunter gone bad. Sara gets paired up with him to find a Hunter supposedly gone bad but she doesn't know that Deacon is also supposed to be protecting her from any Archangel who might be sending lackies to test her ability to be a Guild Hunter Director. I think you need to read the story to see where this all goes. It's fast action throughout and Sara and Deacon have great chemistry. Takes about 2 minutes to decide you just love Deacon. 5 out 5 Modokker book pick stars for sure on Angels' Judgement!

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