Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Review: Sofie Metropolis by author Tori Carrington

Sofie Metropolis is the first book is the Sofie Metropolis series by author Tori Carrington. Better knows as Lori and Tony Karayianni a husband and wife writing team. In this book we get introduced to Sofie. Sofie is supposed to be getting married but she catches her maid of honor and her groom going at it in the church right before the ceremony. Needless to say the maid of honor who was her best friend is no longer her friend and her soon to be husband is no longer soon to be anything associated with her. Sofie finds herself working for her Uncle Spiro in his detective agency. Now she is Sofie Metropolis PI or she will be officially in a couple years when the state of NY tells she can legally add the PI to her name. lol  Anyway how about a little blurb to get you in the spirit?

On her wedding day, right before the ceremony, right there in the Greek Orthodox church, Sofie Metropolis discovered her groom and her maid of honor in each other's arms. Sofie took this as a sign, and since then, she's been doing her best to confound her own, and her family's, expectations.

First, she is no longer waiting tables at either her father's or her grandfather's dueling Greek restaurants in Astoria, Queens. Second, she kept the engagement ring (the garbage disposal choked on it) and all the wedding presents, including the small apartment building that was a gift from her parents.
Sofie also has a new career, thanks to uncle Spyros's detective agency. Okay, so far, the cases haven't been all that exciting-mostly, Sofie's been tracking down lost pets and cheating spouses-but at least she's in control of her life. And even Sam Spade had to start somewhere.

Tailing a wayward wife, Sofie is caught in a shoot-out and is rescued by Australian man-of-mystery Jake Porter, who might be a bounty hunter and who definitely gets Sofie's engine started...

And what is Jake Porter doing in the middle of Sofie's adultery case anyway, and why is the cheating wife now on the run?

Get your juices flowing? I thought so. In this book Sofie is learning what a PI has to do to solve a case even if those cases just involve missing pets. Then there is the possible cheating wife that suddenly goes missing. How about sexy Jake Porter? That man is a mystery that will keep you guessing what he's about throughout the entire book. This book is part romance part Sophie finding her way after a devastating blow in her life and well a bit of action and comedy too. Plus you can learn a little about Greeks and food and well maybe even vampires??? You'll have to read to see. This was a great intro into Sofie's world. A quick read in Hardcover at only 280 pages this was first published in 2006. There are 4 books total in the series so far with 2 more to follow for sure one of which will come out sometime this year according to the Sofiemetro website. Pick this one up for a little adventure and mystery.  click here to go to the Tori Carrington website and there you can also go to the Sofiemetro website and learn about all things Sofie. I give it 4 out of 5 Modokker Book pick stars.

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  1. Sofie is such a charming and witty girl I really enjoy reading her books. With the help of her family she gets into all kind of trouble. Thanks for the great review.

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