Thursday, April 15, 2010

Book review: Heiress for Hire by author Erin McCarthy

I kind of stumbled upon this book at the library a couple days ago. I was returning a book and waiting to as one of the librarians a questions so i was browsing the new release section. Heiress for Hire is not a new book but this is the area i found it in but it's all good anyway. lol  It was actually first released in 2006. I recently read 2 other Erin McCarthy books and enjoyed them so when i saw the name on this book i had to check it out. I am actually drawn to a cover first sometimes and the cover on this book is really appealing. Bright and fun!  Which can describe the writing in the book as well. This is one of those books once you start you don't want to put it down til you've read it to the last page. Which is pretty much how i read it. If you want something light but fun with a great story and romance mixed together this is the book you want. I truly enjoyed it from cover to cover.

Amanda Delmar is a Chicago socialite who decides to spend her summer in Cuttersville a haunted town in Ohio. She's having a pretty good time until her dad cuts off her money. Amanda has to get a job asap. She meets Farmer Danny Tucker and he decides to help Amanda find a job unfortunately 2 days on teh job at the local beauty salon and she is already fired. Danny find out he has a 8 year old daughter he never knew about and guess what she likes Amanda and Danny desperate. Desperate for Amanda and desperately needing a babysitter for his daughter so he can work the farm and his carpentry job. He can't believe he's asking a heiress to babysit his 8 year old daughter. Even though Amanda appears to be a shallow society girl he sees something else in her eyes, sadness and a few other things. While Amanda is helping with his daughter Danny decides to try and figure out just who Amanda really is.  Oh and don't forget the ghost his daughter can see.

Want to read a excerpt? Click here. This is a heartwarming wonderful funny story. A little mix of everything! I give it easily 5 out of 5 Modokker Book Pick stars. Get it!

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