Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Book Review: Foul Play a Sofie Metropolis novel by author Tori Carrington

OK Foul Play is the third book is the Sofie Metropolis series. Sofie is starting to get the hang of the PI business. This time Sofie is asked by the wife of Reni Vanezuela Star Mets pitcher to investigate what's wrong with him. Oh he is not sick or anything but he's not acting quite right either. Sofie is figuring he is like alot of the other investigations she's done and he's cheating on her. She decides to take on the case and find out for sure. Then there is the Greek baker Dino who Sofie is very attracted too and in turn he is attracted to her as well. She wonders why she couldn't have met him before that disastrous wedding fiasco. Then there is elusive Jake Porter. He seems to have disappeared but will he back and what did she feel for him. She decides to give Dino a whirl so to speak but wants everything hush hush because if her mother finds out there will wedding invites out first thing and she's no where near ready to go there yet.  Here's a little blurb to wet you appetite.

In FOUL PLAY, Sofie’s searching for a couple of hot prospects, one in her personal life and one professionally. The New York Mets might just be on their way to the World Series, but their newly signed pitching phenom has disappeared with the playoffs fast approaching.

As for her personal life, Sofie’s hooking up with a gorgeous Greek who is every bit as hunky as her long-time crush, Australian mystery man Jake Porter—and a lot more available.

See how things pan out for Sofie when you read Foul Play. I've really been finding these books interesting. there is alot of interaction with all the characters and alot going on so there isn't a dull moment. This isn't really a fluff book Sofie really puts herself out there and she doesn't look for a man to protect her. You learn alot of Greek terminology and at the end of every book are some Greek recipes to try out. I give Foul Play 3 1/2 Modokker Book Pick Stars. Give it a shot.

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  1. I love Sofie's books. She is ditzy yet smart. I love humor in my books and she does have humor. LOL

    Have this one on my to buy list

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