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ARC book review: Fighting To Ride (Bantorus MC series #5) by Debra Kayn

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Kurt Ramchett went from Bantorus MC kid to unbeatable underground boxer to president of the Bantorus MC, Federal Charter. 

Dedicated and badass, Kurt's running guns for the militia and extending the Bantorus territory. He never expected to run into trouble in the form of a beautiful stripper his first night in Federal. Strong, smart, and sexy, Risa's the one woman who gains Kurt's respect at the deepest level. And, when Los Li threatens to take everything Kurt loves away from him, he'll do anything to make sure Risa remains safe.

Staying in business is detrimental to rebuilding the destruction Risa inherited from her prostitute mother, currently serving life in prison for murder, and bettering her future. But, when the bossy biker with flame tattoos rides into Federal and tries to boss Risa into leaving his building, Risa fights dirty to keep her entertainment business open. She never expected she'd willingly give control over to the fierce biker. Maybe she's more like her mother than she imagined…

Debra Kayn takes a little jump in the Bantorous MC series with this book. All the original characters are older and Kurt Ramchett is all grown up and is going to be running his own club franchise in another state.  It's always exciting to see characters grow up and see where they go and we finally see Kurt as a man and in charge. Several years ago Kurt bought some property in Federal, Idaho and now it's finally time to move in and set things up for his new business and the new club. Unfortunately the place they were supposed to live is still occupied by his renter. Risa has papers that say her and her girls have one more year in Kurt's building. Risa runs a adult entertainment place and she employees several girls that put on shows for the local miners.  Sparks fly when Kurt first arrives in town to see Risa putting on her once a month show in the middle of the street! It's instant attraction for Kurt and things get interesting from there.  Los Li is always a danger to Bantorus MC and just when Kurt thinks everything is going well they threaten everything. Fun but thrilling book. New characters with peaks at old characters which is always so awesome. A sizzling hot thrilling ride from the beginning to the end.  Debra Kayn moves us into the next generation of the Bantorus MC without missing a beat!

Find out more about the series and author Debra Kayn here www.debrakayn.com

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