Thursday, May 1, 2014

ARC Book review: Absolute Surrender by Jenn LeBlanc

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Happiness was always too much for Lady Amelia to hope for. 

Now all she expects is to secure her future and marry Charles, Duke of Castleberry, as arranged. But Amelia has a dangerous secret that could not only destroy her in Charles's eyes and the eyes of society, but could also very well condemn her to Bedlam.

Baron Endsleigh, Amelia’s oldest friend, has other ideas. Ender has loved Amelia all his life. He knows her secrets, and they don’t frighten him. He plans to come between Amelia and Charles in any way he can to prevent the marriage and finally claim Amelia for his own. Though her father forbade the match years ago, Ender is determined to have her as his wife and nothing can stop him. Not even a duke as powerful as Castleberry. 

That duke has hated Baron Endsleigh and wanted Amelia for, what seems to him, forever. Charles will stop at nothing to make her his, and his alone, even if that means destroying the one thing he knows she loves most in this world—Endsleigh.

Will Amelia be able to choose when one man speaks to her head and the other her heart? 

Absolute Surrender is the newest release of author Jenn LeBlanc. Her previous book the The Rake and Recluse was a illustrated romance as is this new book. In other words there are pictures to go with the story. I don't know about anyone else but the pictures add more depth to the book by helping to create a visual of the story as we go along. Ms. LeBlanc takes us into a historical romance but with a twist. Well more than one twist actually. First this is an erotic historical romance with 3 people involved. The heroine who has a disability of sorts that her best friend from childhood can only help her manage. Then there is the tag along friend from childhood who is grown up and now wants to marry the heroine. So we have Amelia, the heroine and Ender her best friend and Charles the man she is supposed to marry. Problem is they both want her and she wants them both. Not acceptable in society at the time. Ender is not allowed to marry Amelia but as he is the only one who can help her with her issues he promises Charles to help him with her. The goal at first is to teach Charles to help Amelia the way Ender does but it doesn't go according to plan.  Amelia might the obvious person you see with problems to deal with but you find the Charles and Ender both have their own glaring problems and insecurities. It's heartbreaking to watch it unfold with the right amount of humor to offset the serious parts.  The characters are well written and fleshed out and you can almost feel like you are there. The sex scenes are to die for good and so HOT! If you add in the photos as you are reading it brings everything together for a interesting reading experience. 

For more info on this book and the author who is also the photographer for this book you can find it here

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