Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Book review: What a Reckless Rogue Needs (The Sinful Scoundrels #2) by Vicky Dreiling

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Available March 25th 2014
Will the Rogue's Perfect Plan...

Colin Brockhurst, Earl of Ravenshire, has no desire to wed, this season or any other. So when his father demands he give up his wild ways and take a wife, Colin refuses. But his father raises the stakes and threatens to sell the ancestral home if Colin doesn't comply. Now Colin has no choice but to find a wife. Unfortunately, the only woman he wants is the one whose heart he broke years ago.

Lead to the Perfect Seduction?

Regardless of the ton's whispers, Lady Angeline Brenham won't settle for anything less than true love. After rejecting more than her share of suitable suitors, spinsterhood looms before her—until the devilishly handsome Colin reappears in her life with a proposition. Angeline vows to keep her feet on the ground and her heart in check. That is, until one searing kiss melts her resolve and reignites a burning desire for more.

Vicky Dreiling writes some of the best historical romances. Loved this book. Colin Brockhurst is rake for sure. He's 30 years old and shows no signs of wanting to settle down. His father takes things into his own hands to make him settle down. If Colin wants to keep his childhood home and the resting place of his mother he  has to find a wife and has 6 weeks to do it lose it forever. Oh boy does this get a response from Colin. Although at first he thinks he can just talk his way into what he wants his father proves not to be that easy. Lady Angeline Brenham has found herself in a bad position after breaking her engagement to a man who she thought was a reformed rake. He wasn't. Now she's a scorned woman by all the important people in society. Colin and her have been like oil and water since her coming out 17  years ago but once she finds  out Colin's dilemma she finds her heart softening just a little and when he finds out what happened to her he wants to kill the man who hurt her. What now? They spend some time together and start getting to know each other and Colin proposes a trial engagement. If Colin marries Angeline he can get his childhood home and if Angeline marries Colin he can help her become respectable in society again but are those reasons enough? Both struggle with right and wrong and don't realize they are falling in love. Past pain might prevent them from seeing the truth. LOVED this couple. Colin is that sexy rake we all love who is going to get himself reformed by the tough and determined Angeline.  It's so much fun watching the journey and seeing them both give in to each other. Plus we also get to see Bell from the last book and a Harry as well both Colin's Cohorts. Look forward to more from this author. Vicky Dreiling takes you back in time and makes you feel like you are right there. 

Find out more about Vicky Dreiling here www.vickydreiling.com

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