Thursday, May 12, 2016

eARC Book review: The Hitwoman and the Mother Load (Confessions of a Slightly Neurotic Hitwoman #14) by J.B. Lynn


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You think you've got problems? Don't talk to Maggie Lee about problems.

Her mother's escaped from the loony bin, and rumor has it she's robbing people for ice cream money. 

A mob boss is insisting she liberate his daughter from a mental hospital that Maggie's pretty sure she belongs in. 

And people keep trying to kill her. 

While Maggie deals with all that, she must also contend with her dysfunctional family; the challenges of parenting her orphaned niece; a handsome, but dangerously curious reporter; a hot manny who lives under her roof and gets under her skin; a smooth and sexy con man; and a certain murder mentor/cop redhead. And, honestly, it's getting too much to bear. Good thing she has her talking animals to confide in.

But with everything that's going on, can the intrepid, yet inept, hitwoman figure out how to keep everyone she loves safe without ending up in jail or killed? 

Or will she just take up residence in a rubber room herself? Truth be told, she could use the break.

While i enjoy this series a lot this book really got me going. There is sooooo much going on in this book. There is no way NOT to be sucked into the action. It's another crazy day for Maggie. Her mom is broken out of the mental institution and she's on the lamb with Maggie's dad who is escaped from witness protection. The two of them on there own in a pretty big problem the two together is a nightmare. There is stuff going on with her missing sister a man from her past and the red head and well just a lot. You would think it might be to much but it really just keeps the story flowing. I have to say i was disappointed in the red head and how that all ended and it felt kind of abrupt. He was a huge part of Maggie's life for a while and even though he's been slowly shifting out it i didn't care for the way it ended with him. Felt a little icky and if i were Maggie he would get a huge punch in the face. Because i was already kind of done him i got over it pretty quick.  There are other interesting men in her life. Maggie still has her hands full on so many levels but thankfully can hear her animals again. Honestly i didn't realize what a big part that has played in the series until she lost to ability to communicate with them. An action packed adventure as always this  book was one i could not put down.

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