Wednesday, May 11, 2016

eARC book review: The Hitwoman and the Chubby Cherub (Confessions of a Slightly Neurotic Hitwoman #13) by J.B. Lynn


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Love and Murder are in the air. 

In years past, Maggie Lee has not been a fan of Valentine’s Day, but this year, the holiday has warped into its own special hell. 

She's stuck working at her aunt’s lingerie shop during the busiest (and cheesiest) time of the year, someone volunteered her to help with the Valentine’s Day party at her niece’s school, and there’s a hitman in town, known as the Cupid Killer. 

Maggie is up to her eyeballs in declarations of love, sex toys, and candy hearts, when all she really wants is to chase down leads pertaining to her missing sister. 

Can Maggie survive a guy with a bow and arrow, the pain in the butt parents of school kids, and a romantic proposal? 

Or will she succumb to her favorite fantasy?

The one where she runs away with her pets.

Poor Maggie, she's stretched thin. Working at The Corset, a Lingerie shop her aunt owns, taking real estate classes to start a new career and then of course  hitwoman job. Now she also is talked into volunteering to help with Katie's Valentine's day party at school. She's juggling so many balls she can't seem to keep them all in the air. Good thing she's got plenty of help. If she would just say yes when it's offered. Things are complicated as always with the men in her life. Then there is a man who looks like Santa who is killing people and is knicknamed the Cupid Killer because he kills with a bow and arrow.  Her dad is on the loose and in trouble again. Plus more. Always more. Like always there is a lot going on in this book. It's fun to see how the author weaves it all together and keeps it interesting. I for one am always kept guessing.

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