Monday, May 9, 2016

ARC Book review: From Friend to Fake Fiancé (Mafia Moguls #2) by Jules Bennett


Available May 10th 2016
eARC Provided by publisher through Netgalley

Two friends, one wedding and a little white lie… 

Pretend to be Jenna LeBlanc's lover? Heck, Mac O'Shea has dreamed about being the real thing for years. Yes, they share a deep attraction, but they've agreed to "just be friends." After all, Jenna wants forever, and Mac's questionable family business means he's not the settling down type. He would never bring an innocent like Jenna into his dark world. But the mafia playboy can't resist the chance to touch her, to taste her—even if it's only a ruse for her sister's tropical wedding. It's just a week…in paradise…with a woman he desperately wants. Nothing will change between them. Right?

Jenna has been friends with Mac for years. Attracted to each other Jenna has always put Mac in the friend department because Jenna wants a forever guy and Mac is definitely not one of those. To protect her heart she's done her best to keep him there. Now Jenna's sister is getting married in a tropical locale and her ex is best man so she calls in Mac to help by acting as her new boyfriend. Things don't always go as planned though and things go from friends to something more. Mac has wanted Jenna forever it seems but now he has his chance he thinks to have her and then get her out of his system and go back to being just friends. It takes him a while to see it's just NOT that easy. I loved Mac with Jenna. Jenna had self esteem issues but Mac helped her to see what was really there. He loved her the whole time he knew her but kept her at arms length by labeling her as a friend. He let his past and his families past keep him from her. I loved seeing these two together. Jenna is a strong women she just doesn't realize how strong until Mac shows her. Mac is a strong man but not as strong as he could be with Jenna.  I enjoy seeing O'Shea's find their way to a a life away from crime but so far it hasn't been the easiest. Can't wait to see what happens in the next book!

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