Thursday, August 18, 2011

Book review and giveaway: Gurdian Agent by author Dana Marton

Guardian Agent is the first of a 3 book series by author Dana Marton called Agents Under Fire. Below is the blurb and check out that cover! Wow I could look at that guy for a while. How about you!!


When Gabe Cannon's commando team is tasked with bringing down a rogue solider, he doesn't expect to come face-to-face with the target's sister at the showdown instead of the man himself.

Jasmine is trying to lead the team away from her injured brother. Recognizing one of the hunters as her teenage crush is definitely a shock to her system. To save her family, she must convince Gabe that her brother was framed. But can she stop from falling in love with him all over again?

This is a fast moving book. It's was way to short for me. Sexy as hell Gabe ( see the cover) was a once in the Army and then after the FBI and finally a private security firm. He finds himself in Venice looking for a old Army buddy who has gone AWOL and is wanted dead and not alive. Something seems fishy to Gabe the longer he gets into this OP. He finds himself face to face with who he thinks is his old friend Jake Tekla but it's not it's his sister Jasmine. Before he can find out anything she escapes. Jasmine is running out of time and energy. Jake her brother has been shot in the leg and has a broken arm and an infection. Her sister Mandy is sick with a fever from living in the harsh conditions from being on the run. She decides she has to trust Gabe. She once had a huge crush on him 10 years ago when she last saw him. Hoping she's doing the right thing she goes to spy on him and see if maybe he's worth trusting. He is!!! Fast paced and action packed. You get a whole lot of story in a short amount of book. I give Guardian Agent by Dan Marton 5 out of 5 Modokker Book Pick stars. I read this in one afternoon. Half in the dentist office and the rest when i got home. I love these kinds of books but always want more. Luckily the next book in the series Avenging Agent is out and i possess a copy! lol Watch for the review of that book soon. To find out more about Dana Marton and this book and others click here . There is also a excerpt there for both these books. Dana is offering a ebook copy of Guardian Agent to one lucky person. All you need to do is be a follower of this blog and leave a comment with your email address and you are entered! The ebook will be from  Do not forget the email address so you can be contacted. Giveaway ends Wednesday August 24th,


  1. Oh I would love to read this one :)

  2. Thank you so much for the wonderful review!!! Gabe is definitely one of my top favorites. He is a great guy, so he was so much fun to write! Glad I didn't have the cover yet when I was writing the book, or finishing it would have taken much longer :-)

  3. Love the baby blues on that cover photo:-) And the book sounds great!

  4. Definitely sounds like a great read!
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  6. I enjoy romantic suspense and have not read this author before, would love to read this. Thanks for the giveaway!

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  7. Sounds and looks yummy =)


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