Tuesday, September 13, 2016

eARC Book review: Anywhere You Are (Return to Briarwood #3) by Elisabeth Barrett


Available Sept. 20th 2016
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As the daughter of a music legend, Grace Davingham knows all too well what it’s like to be burned by the media’s glare. Now all she wants is to be left to do her painting and conservation work in peace, with no intention of returning to the spotlight. But after she sprains her ankle hiking and a handsome real-estate mogul comes to her rescue, Grace once again finds herself in the public eye.

Sexy, successful, and averse to any attachments, Marcus Colby thrives on rigid discipline in order to manage both his real-estate investment company and his personal life. Marc has no time for fun, and no patience for crazy. Which is why meeting Grace—and inheriting an enormous Great Dane who won’t listen to a word he says—has turned Marc’s carefully constructed world upside down.

Only when Grace and Marc square off over a local controversy do they realize how different they really are. But if opposites attract, their love is destined to bind them together—forever.

Opposites attract and there are no two people who are more opposite than Grace Davingham and Marcus Colby. Marcus is a uptight guy that plays most everything straight and narrow. Grace is a little bit crazy and definitely artistic and fun. Might be per dad is a famous rocker and her mom and model. Grace was introduced in a previous book but she was pretty secretive until now. She's come to a small town to escape the pressure of her family and their reality show and city life. She wants some peach and quiet without prying eyes and being burned by so called friends and a man she cared about she's done with all that. Then she meets Marc. Marc is one of the three men trying to save Briarwood from boredom and give it new life. To be honest there are some awesome silly moments in this book. Marc inherits this huge Great Dane and a house from his aunt who recently passed away. He can't handle the dog but Grace acts like he's the sweetest most wonderful dog every. She's the one who can handle the dog. The dog steals the show a time or two but brings Grace and Marc together too. There is some serious stuff to deal with of course and then there are the doubts. Really this is a well rounded story. I thought perhaps Marc and Grace were to opposite but love can make change worthwhile sometimes. This might have to be my favorite of the three books in the series. One of those books you just can't put down.

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