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ARC Book review:Living A Beautiful War (Bantorus MC #8) by Debra Kayn

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Wild women, good times, and easy rides allow Ink to hide the emotional ties he has with Lilly, the daughter of the president of Bantorus Motorcycle Club. With two warnings to stay away from Lilly on his record, his addiction swings wildly out of control and he can no longer bury the past. Either he's going to lose his club or Lilly will break up her family, and that will destroy them both.

Lilly's forbidden love for Ink has survived her childhood straight to adulthood. The more she fights for both of them, the closer she comes to finding out what is keeping Ink from claiming her. This time, she wonders if it wouldn't be best to point her boots toward Pitnam and live the rest of her life knowing she'll never have the one man she loves.

With Silver Girls under Lilly's management, the Moroad MC taking favors from Bantorus, and the militia's orders skyrocketing, Ink's time is running out. He's living a beautiful war full of addictions, rules, and heartbreak, and the only one who can save him is Lilly.

—Each Bantorus MC novel features a new couple with their own happily ever after—

The last book in this series Debra Kayn wraps up this part or her lastest MC series with Ink and Lilly. Neither character started out in this series so we've seen them elsewhere but much younger back then. For fans of Ms.Kayn writing of course they have been waiting to see if these two will eventually end up together or not. In motorcycle club life Lilly and Ink are not permitted to be together as anything more than friends. They've been that for a long time and in recent years more. Lilly had a crush on him from her youth that simply never went away and grew into more. Considering club rules and the fact that Ink is quite a few years older than her. Seems like most times everyone is against them and then Lilly's parents show up. Everything comes to a head and lives will change one way or another. This might sound like a simple explanation but i assure it's not. Ink for me has been a mystery. Wasn't ever sure if i liked him but also men in this books are always a bit rough around the edges. It's the women who smooth them out. Watching as the layers are peeled back on Ink and seeing what Lilly does for him and how she gets him is great and how protective Ink is of her without holding her back is breathtaking. Loved the wrap up this series and seeing Rain is bittersweet because i remember him from the first book oh his series Breathing his Air. Hard to see him as a dad with a grown daughter. If you missed any of books in this series or are interested in starting there is plenty of time to get into it. If you want to see what's next there is another series starting soon branching off from this one. If you like the Motorcycle club type books you can't go wrong here. They each have a HEA so start at the beginning or not you should be satisfied.

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